Oh my hurting friend,

it really saddens my heart.

to know that you are suffering,

and we're so far apart.

Can't even hug you,

and tell you its alright.

Have to do it through here.

out of actual sight.

Now your life looks bleak,

you see no other way.

But let me tell you something,

Tomorrow IS another day.

I know that sounds so silly,

and very much untrue.

But I have been there myself,

its why I'm showing you.

That there is so much more,

to live for now, my friend.

Then when your problems started,

and your life you tried to end.

NO ONE in this life,

is worth that final bow.

Never let them see,

they hurt you,... or just how.

I'll fight for you, and back you up.

Be a cheering voice,

let them know they cannot win.

Since you have made that choice!!

And then with each tomorrow,

each awakening day.

You will start to realize,

just why you had to stay!

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