Sexual Tension




It was there hanging in the air,
Just renting all around.
They never said a word,
Didn't utter a single sound.


The spark was always there,
They just let it play about.
But now it seems the fire,
Was screaming to get out!


It started out as flirting,
Playful words and little looks.
But now it seemed so different-
They both knew they were hooked.


Then the simple touch,
The brushing of a hand.
Became all to often,
More than they could stand.


Until that very night,
When they found they were alone.
They started out just talking,
But their hands began to roam.


So began the journey,
With just a mere suggestion.
No more could they handle,
All this inhibited sexual tension.


They fell into each other,
They took each other in.
They just enjoyed the moment,
And let their passion begin.


He was very tender,
So responsive to her needs.
She knew just what he yearned for,
And him she strived to please.


Together they rolled with passion,
Of this, their very secret desire,
She took him up to into the sky,
And then he took her even higher.


The sexual tension, that was there,
Came between them now, no more.
For with their discarded clothes, it lay,
Down there, upon the floor.


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Nice descriptions...