Cruelty Of The Sea

Again, the haunting memory,

ran chilling down his spine.

The grief that filled his heart,

was torturing his mind.

He remembered how he felt,

so helpless and alone.

The hurt that was always present,

was aching in his bones.

He recalled how he prayed

and just how hard he cried.

But the sea was just to rough,

she was pulled away with the tide.

The storm was unexpected,

as they lay laughing on the boat.

And now all that he had left,

was the sobbing in his throat.

There was a feeling of such guilt,

as he sat there on the sand.

Though he held on for her life,

the waves took her from his hands.

He struggled through the storm,

searched for her all night.

But her body was found on the beach,

by the next mornings light.

"We were so very happy" he said,

as he held her body and cried.

He couldn't shake the memories,

no matter how he tried.

Now, there wasn't much left of him.

Their happiness could never be.

For his life and love were taken,

by the cruelty of the sea.

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