What About Me?

Rhyming Poetry

Why do I have,

such a strong urge to run??

From everything, everyplace,

and everyone??

I want to go off,

be by myself.

Not worry about others

cares on the shelf.

I have a habit,

of trying my best.

To take away their pain,

and put it to rest.

But lately it seems,

the outcomes the same .

They toss me aside,

as if I'm to blame.

I'm of a mind now,

to just up and quit.

Because it just hurts too much

to keep getting verbally hit.

Why do I care?

and try to figure it all out?

When lately the response,

is only doubt...

I don't know why,

I can read as I do..

the hurt in the eyes,

of people like you?

And I don't know why,

I feel the utter need,

to help and listen,

to those that bleed??

Its not that I have stopped,

to care, or love and feel.

its just that my own heart,

no longer feels real.

It has become numb,

and beats very slow.

See its filled with the pain,

of those people I know.

It wouldn't be so bad,

or pound in lethargic pace.

If people took some of mine.

Before theirs, they did place.

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