...and willows weep


From a distance,

though never far,

Mother Earth watches

in silent grief,

as her children do battle.

Sibling rivalry at its worst.

Mountains crumble,

into pebbled heaps,

crushed beneath

the heavy foot of mankind,

from those who seek

the 'climb to the top.'

Oceans tremble

under the weight

of monster ships,

racing cargo to and fro

in wars of trade.

While leaving pools of oil

and sea-life death

in their wake.

Land gasps in horror

and indignity,

as its stripped bare

of her coverings,

in effort to make way

for nineteen more

holes of golf.

Strangled clouds, choke

and vomit acid rains

they have re-absorbed

from factory stacks

and rear exhausts.

Middle earth groans,

with empty stomach rumbles,

as depletion of her

inside resources

drain her belly,

leaving her hollow and hungering.

Forests burn,

acres per second,

so developers can

develop mirror image


where 'upper-class'

outnumber animals

that once called the forest,


Eagles scream,

creatures flee,

wheatfields bend,

farmers grieve

...and willows weep.

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