My First To Fly

Family & Memories

His wings are stretched.

His room is being packed

into boxes.

His childhood,

stored away in my closets.

I watch, silently,

nodding and smiling

as he shows me various things

he's bought to set up house,

but inside,

my heart breaks.

I try to get caught up

in his excitement

and part of me

is happy for him.

But part of me aches

the way a mother aches.

He confides in me

that he's a little scared,

never having been away

from home

and the look in his eyes says,

"I've never been away from Mom"

I know there comes that time

in a parent's life,

when children must go out

into the world.

But wasn't it only yesterday,

that he was born?

It seems that way at least,

as I look at my 19 year old son,


"He's my first to fly."

and already my nest

feels emptier.

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