For A Moment

Family & Memories

For a moment, I'm a baby again,

lying my mother's arms.

Feeling safe and secure,

no fear of pain or harm.

For a moment, I'm a toddler,

cautiously taking that first step.

Seeing the world from a different angle,

still no worries for me yet.

For a moment, I'm a five year old,

heading off on that first day of school.

To learn how to read and write,

and the Golden Rule.

For a moment, I'm a teenager,

being rebellious and contrite.

Just worried about makeup and music,

and staying out late at night.

For a moment, I'm a young woman,

standing before my groom.

Looking into his eyes,

knowing we'll be parents soon.

For a moment, I'm a first-time mom,

holding my infant son.

It seems I've come full circle now,

as a new life has begun.

For a moment, I'm at mid 30's,

and we've had 4 children along the way.

And this is to be continued...

...for that moment is today.

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Unknown Poet's picture

Beautiful. I love looking back in my life and then seeing where I am today and how much I have changed.