Inner Suicide


Eating away at the fibers,
of your heart inside.
Worse than any pill you swallow,
This 'Inner Suicide.'


The dance of saddness you do,
you feel you dance alone.
No one ever "led" you,
out of the danger zone.


You've done it now for years,
taken all the pain.
You listen to everyone else,
while you remain the same.


A slow and lethal killing,
a vicious homicide.
The dying sounds of a heart,
you've always had to hide.


No need to slit your wrists,
to feel that razors edge.
No need to take that jump,
by stepping off the ledge.


In your final note,
what will you put down?
Who will you say "Goodbye" to,
before they put you in the ground?


So think of what you're doing,
killing yourself today.
No one is ever worth,
ending your life this way.


Now your nearly there,
bout finished with this ride.
You've almost now obtained,
your 'Inner Suicide'...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes it's a mind that is killed... 

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once again, a great i sadi before you area a fantastic writer...keep it up