Boy, You Sure Got Your Due! (Toby's Poem)



They sent you off,
blew you away.
Said your music,
was too blasé.

But you kept on knocking,
on door after door.
Determined one day,
to head out on tour.

You had the gumption
and you sure had the grit,
to do what it takes,
to become a big hit.

As I've heard you say,
'Now they're cuttin' grass.'
Boy, you sure got your due,
now they can kiss your a$$!

You showed them all up
and proved them all wrong.
Cause now YOU top the charts,
with song after song!

Your words have meaning,
they touch all who hear.
Whether we laugh along,
or wipe a tear.

You've warmed this heart
and it sure feels good.
Cause you've become the star,
I always knew you would!

You write and sing from the soul
and keep your heart true.
You're a top country singer.
Boy, you sure got your due!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to one of my fav singers...Toby Keith!!

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