Without Words

If I haden't a thought,

I'd be wandering lost.

My mind would be wasted,

jumbled and tossed.

If I couldn't put down,

what I was trying to say,

my fertile imagination,

would wither away.

If I wasn't able to express,

my feelings like this,

they'd be aimlessly drifting,

in a silent abyss.

If I could never explain,

by way of my pen,

it would be like depriving myself,

of vital oxygen.

I'd be a voiceless void,

were I without words.

A mute minded poet,

that would never be heard.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

I totally agree. As a writer I feel it's my duty to put something on paper, even when I have that god awful writer's block. This poem pretty much describes how I feel about writing. Great poem, thanks for sharing.