Fields Of Green, Rivers Of Red


Fields of green,
Where men lie dead.
Lives washed away,
In rivers of red.


American soil,
Soaked in blood,
As battles raged
And rushed the flood.


Fervent prayers,
Whispered last words,
Cries of pain,
Only the dying heard.


Amidst the bullets,
The cannon fire,
War ravages on,
As lives expire.


Monuments now,
Replace fallen men.
Gettysburg no longer appears,
As it had back then.


Those fields of green,
No longer, deathbed,
Tho still flowing beneath her,
Lie rivers of red.


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Afzal Shauq's picture

very good poem with rich idea... love it very much and i went through your few more poems and liked too.. hope you read my poems and like them

Jan9thd's picture

What a wonderful elegy for Gettysburg!


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