You Never Forget

The pain of loosing a child,

stays forever in your mind.

Yes, its true, that as years pass,

its gets easier with time.

But in you always remains,

a voided, empty space.

You see your child everywhere,

in each and every little face.

You wonder what they would be doing,

as each season passes by.

A simple thing like a baby carriage,

makes you break down and cry.

You imagine each milestone,

that they would have had.

But all you have is a blank baby book,

it's empty pages make you sad.

And yet we must go on,

with an aching deep inside.

Telling everyone we are doing fine,

as our sorrow we try to hide.

For me its over 13 years,

that my baby went away.

But even though its been so long,

its still as fresh as it were yesterday.

So never let yourself forget,

because others tell you its best.

You can still have your memories and tears,

long after you've put your grief to rest.

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