Epitath Of Humanity

The Dark Side

Here lies humanity

cold in its shallow grave.

The victim of a homicide

that no one tried to save.

Murdered by the hatred

of its fellow man.

A death that was iminent

since time first began.

Everyone saw it coming

but no one would intervene.

They witnessed their own demise

and sharpened the guillotine.

They fastened the noose

and hung it from the tree.

They loaded the gun

that shot down humanity.

They prescribed the drug

and gave the overdose.

They pulled the plug

while it lie there comatose.

They inflicted the fatal wound

that left humanity dead.

Then morosely watched in silence

as it slowly bled.

Now no one's left to read

what's engraved here on this stone.

For it is all that remains

since humanity was overthrown.

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