The crowds hustled past him,

this lost soul, down on his luck.

He wandered around the city streets,

hoping to make a buck.

Joe spent his nights in a shelter,

during the day he searched for work.

Seeing homeless people in boxes,

and in alleys where they would lurk.

He prayed he wouldn't end up like that,

his pride took such a strong hold.

But the dreams of making something of his life,

seemed to be growing old.

Then he watched a man with long brown hair,

and the gentlest eyes he'd ever seen,

place the 'morning edition' in the corner trash,

and waited for the light to turn green.

Reaching into the trashcan,

Joe pulled out the Daily News.

Though he checked for employment every day,

he knew he had nothing to lose.

Scanning the "Help Wanted" section,

like many times before,

his eyes were suddenly startled by one,

and he read the ad once more.

It read, "Joe, this ones for you,

since you too, are a carpenter by trade.

Reply at the address below,

for I heard you when you prayed."

Joe couldn't believe his eyes,

and looked in the crowd waiting at the light.

But the man who threw out the paper,

was simply nowhere in sight.

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Awesome, loved it. really made me think.

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