If I Go


If time for me should end,
Before I get the chance to say,
"I've loved you all completly,
Each and every single day."


If my time on earth is finished,
And we never said "Goodbye."
Please think of all our laughter,
-And for me, do not cry.


If I leave before I have finished,
Things I needed to do.
The most important things undone,
Are the moments I'll miss with you.


If in an unplanned moment.
God calls me to his home.
Even though, I'll be gone from here,
You will never be alone.


For if that day should come,
And I must suddenly depart.
Remember I am not really gone,
I remain forever, in your heart.



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Chelsea N.'s picture

I LOVED this poem Cathy!!!! It's very very beautiful, full of..emtoion and feeling!! My favorite part is where you say you will always remain in heart. Beautiful jsut lovely.
Great job!