Can He Still Hear My Prayers?

When I am feeling lost,



beaten down by life's daily abuse,

angry at my lot,


refusing to ask anymore,

for I feel its useless

or in vain,

can He still hear my prayers?

Though some go unspoken

or are bitter words

of foresaken feelings,

punctuated by a silent teardrop,

or are spoken in the harsh tones

of a helpless,

hurting soul,

can He still hear my prayers?

Does He understand

from where my stinging,

verbal plea eminates?

Does He forgive

my biting remarks

spoken in moments of my distress?

In the silent moments that follow,

my answer comes not

through my ears

nor in a loud, crashing thunder

of disapproval,

but in the Peace

that washes over my injured heart,

a momentary, healing balm

that tells me,

'Be still.'

even through my words of bitterness,


and distress,

even when laced in anger,

that He understands,

He forgives

and YES,

He can still hear my prayers.

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Magnificent testimony!


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