Some would rather believe

in nothing

...than the possibility

of everything!

Faith is stronger

than doubt

more powerful

than uncertainty.

It only takes

but an open mind

...and more important-

a willing heart.

I need not,

'see to believe'

for the blind

also have Faith,


they cannot see.

There's proof

of His presence

in every day-

in every day things every

drop of rain,

He glisten's

like the dew every

new morning,

He shines

in the sunrise every

child's eye,

He twinkles

like a star every

single flower,

He blossoms

once more every

moment of our pain

He hurts

along with us every

tear we shed,

He absorbs

what we cannot

You only need ask Him

-with Faith

...His answer you shall hear.

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You are absolutely right!