Funny, Ha, Ha

Creamy, rich, delicious,

in every shape and size.

It is my biggest weakness,

and the enemy to my thighs!

There is no escaping,

this monkey on my back.

To me, chocolate's much more potent,

than an aphrodisiac!

So much there to choose from,

and to try them, I am willing!

From caramels, bars, nougats and nuts,

mochas and fruity fillings!

I've tried to stay away from it,

cause they say its no good for me.

But that would be impossible,

till they make some that's fat free!

When I have a fantasy dream,

its no moviestar that I see.

I imagine I'm being smothered in 'kisses',

by the dashing Milton Hershey!

So you may 'snicker' and laugh,

if I name my 'baby, Ruth'.

But chocolate means 'mounds' to me,

and that's the honest truth!

And, yes, I have a cat named 'kit'

who's getting a little 'chunky'.

So I let him play around,

with my chocolate monkey.

I think I have a problem here,

I'm feeling a bit be'twix't.

You see, I get a little jumpy,

if I don't have my fix!

So if I ask you for some chocolate,

your answer had better be, "Yes."

Especially on those 'special dark' days,

when I'm suffering from PMS!!!!

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Amy Buchanan's picture

I love this poem. I feel the same way about chocolate. It is one of my favorite foods. I have a weakness for chocolate covered cherries. Very good work!

Micaela Shaw'Lee's picture

lol. I understand what ur saying perfectly. I have an obsession with chocolate and I cant help it. Even my friend's parents buy me chocolate everytime I come over cuz they know I love it so much. Keep writing. You're good at it. Luv Ya Mucho

Terri Cox's picture

This is good, and I see your point. My mothers like that, and she buys fruit and nut and Dairy for us, and once it's there, its not..........