Sundae Morning Blues

Funny, Ha, Ha

I knew I shouldn't have it

but it just looked so good!

The angel on my shoulder said, 'No'

but that devil said I should!

It was coffee ice cream,

with bits of chocolate inside.

Whipped topping topped it off,

couldn't resist, although I tried.

Then there was that fudge,

all dripping down and warm.

Sprinkles sprinkled the gooey creation,

what else could I do but conform?

There...above it all,

sat that bright red cherry.

It was my un-doing, was very!

I savoured every spoonful,

for it was utter bliss!

I didn't have an ounce of guilt,

as the "D" word I did dismiss!

When I was done, it all was gone,

didn't even leave one single drop!

Cause once I started eating it,

there was no way I could stop!

But then, the very next morning,

after my extremely indulgent dessert,

I awoke not feeling so good,

my poor little tummy was hurt.

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