A Happy Poem!


I'm gonna write a happy poem,

cause lately their mostly sad,

so give me just a moment

to think what makes me glad.





       ...Ahhhhh...yes, my children,

now they can make me smile,

...but right now I have a headache,

so maybe in a little while.

There's always reading a good book,

great way to relax and divert!

...Oh...but I can't read anything now,

my eyes are burning and they hurt.

Hmmm...cuddling with hubby...

now that could lead to something more

but...that will have to wait, I'm afraid,

my body is just too sore!

Maybe taking a walk,

get me some of that sunny, fresh air!

But...alas, I am so sleepy,

no strength to go anywhere.

Sheesh...this ain't so easy,

but lemme try again...

I could put my favorite country music on,

...oh...but then my head would hurt more then.

How about a dish of ice cream?!

That's always nice and yummy!

...Geez...nope, can't have that no more,

it always aches my little tummy.

I guess I could go out shopping,

buy me some nice, pretty frills!

...Damn...can't do that either it seems,

no money left after buying all my pills!

Let's see...uhhh...

wait...gimme a sec...



Ya know what?! SCREW IT!!

I'll keep being a miserable schmuck!

The way I see it right now,

plain and simply...LUPUS SUCKS!!

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Sarah Germaine's picture

hi ummm i dont really know what to say that poem just made me relize all thing i take for granet and you .....who cant even go for a walk you are a very good poet

Terri Cox's picture

Fantastic, this made me laugh

Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was a great poem, I enjoyed reading it, and see you keep a positive attitude about the Lupus...please continue being strong, and hang in there. More blessings will come your way.