Cereal Killer

Funny, Ha, Ha

The headline was quite shocking!

Captain Crunch is dead!

Someone snuck up right behind him

and decapitated his head!

It didn't stop with him,

every day a new victim reported.

The police and FBI were baffled,

all their investigations thwarted.

Then it was that silly rabbit,

who was the next to die.

They found him hanging by his long ears,

from a tree limb way up high.

Next came the gruesome killing,

a double murder of two friends.

Frankenberry and Count Chocula,

both met with frightful ends.

Toucan Sam was found de-beaked

at the bottom of his cage.

All his feathers were plucked out,

in a vicious act of rage.

It's believed that poor King Vitamin,

was given a fatal overdose.

5000 milligrams of B-6

was found in the diagnose.

Poor Tony the tiger was discovered

without his stripes and tail.

They had tried to revive him,

but they tried to no avail.

That leprechaun wasn't so lucky,

his charms brought him no luck.

He was found in his pot of gold,

upside-down and his body stuck.

Then yet another killing,

was reported to be a double.

Fred was crushed between flint stone,

Barney, reduced to rubble.

The little frog was found disected,

in a bowl of Sugar Smacks.

Yet still they had no clue,

who was behind these brutal attacks.

But at the very next scene,

the last of the homicides,

a fingerprint was finally found,

the killer could be identified!

It was the worst of all the murders!

Three more lives were cruely stopped.

Snap was snapped, Crackle was crackled

and poor old Pop was popped!

When the killer was finally caught,

he was wearing a disguise.

The murderer was that little Mikey,

much to everyone's surprise!

His defence was really pitiful,

he claimed it wasn't right,

that all those cereal heros prospered,

while his fame dropped out of sight.

The judge said, at the trial and conviction,

'You caused such sorrow and strife.

For these crimes you have committed,

I hereby sentence you to LIFE!!!!!'

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Amber Poetic's picture

LOL... Great work I love it!

Prashant Tenjarla's picture

Nicely done! I am an Indian - across the globe from you and wouldn't know the specifics, but your poem made up for it. Sadly, a lot of these contaminated foods continue in the world markets.
I also read about your interest in Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Here I must mention that my mother, sister and my maternal aunt are also undergoing treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus. Incidentally, I am a gastro-intestinal surgeon here in India - not usually associated with poetry! Reading and writing are just old hobbies of mine.
I pray that you remain well and someday it might be just possible to heal these genetically determined illnesses - I have a sneaking feeling this century will see an explosion in medical research.

Terri Cox's picture

You were right to put this is FUNNY, HAHA because it really was. I don't think I'd rather have a bowl of cocopops anymore!