Her Wings Have Shattered

Soul Poetry

So delicate

angled between

pale, laden shoulders.

Created from

tear-stained glass

more valuable to her than


Years of flight-ed fancy

invested into

fluttering bits of hope.

Tiny crackles appear over time

from flying too close to the sun-

Yes, she's been burned

wing-tipped singe

mars the beauty

of such Heavenly perfection.

Crystal panes of

crystallized pains

that never quite took her

where she was headed.

Detoured by life

flying the wrong way

she never saw

the looming window-

she thought it was

always open...

She still can hear

the tinkling in her ears

as everything closed in

around her world.

Like frozen lily petals

in a late April snow-

her wings have shattered...

...she'll fly no more.

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