Somewhere In Mid-November


Trees have almost given up

their warm clothing

some hold on tightly to

their remaining garments

for fear of being exposed

to their very bare bark.

Fields lie flat the last

crop of the year long since

harvested...cold soil sleeps

now till Spring awakens it

with early rains.

Animal life scurries about

in mad dashes to fill nests

and dens with needed supplies

to sustain them through the

harsh cold of winter, before

white snows come to cover

their rations.

Daylight shortens to earlier

dusk as night rushes in to

take its rightful place of

an earlier schedule while

the moon seems somehow

different, more intense

as it looms in gray clouded


Procrastinating geese in

broken flight patterns who

choose to linger a bit longer

finally decide its way past

time to make that long

journey Southward once more.

Air feels crisper now as

Mother Nature ruffles her

long skirts sending frigid

air blowing across now stark

lands and your breath is seen

in front of you in frosted


...somewhere in mid-November.

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