Arachnoid Artists


A darkened, musty barn,

evolves into an upscale art gallery.

The featured artisans....spiders.

Each spinning its own masterpiece.

Wooden planks and eaves and corners,

become canvases and pedestals,

displaying their creations.

Geometrical designs take shape.

Like snowflakes,

no two are alike.

Sunlight sneaks in between cracks,

dancing on the silken threads.

Drafts whisper under doorways.

The creations sway...

but remain unbroken.

These tiny arachnoid artists,


that what they create,

are unique pieces of art.

To them,

its merely survival.

Therein lies the similarity

to an artist.

Creating, to survive.

An admirer,

moving about the gallery,

a fly,

goes in for a closer look.

One less starving artist.

©Cathy Faist 2002

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