'One Nation Under God'

I remember when it was okay

to stand in your classroom

at the start of the day,

face our flag,

place your little hand

over your heart

and recite

the Pledge Of Allegiance.

I remember that

as the first thing

I ever learned in school.

Before my ABC's.

Before my reading, writing

and arithmetic.

Before I 'saw Spot run.'

I remember the pride inside

as I spoke those words.

I remember the pride I had

looking at the flag

that stood in the corner

of the room.

They took away prayer

in school...

now they want to take

away this too.

They will not take away

what I remember.

What I did every school day

of my life!

Nor, will they take it

away from my children!

If it is the 'rights' of those

who oppose this,

to NOT recite the Pledge,

than it is equally the 'rights'

of those who wish

to do so,

to PROUDLY recite our

Pledge Of Allegiance!

I remember when things were


When things, 'just were.'

In a time when we,

as Americans,

need to stand taller,


and more united than ever,

it saddens this heart

to see fellow Americans

take away something

as American as our Pledge.

And it won't end there.

Next they want

'In God We Trust'

stricken from

all our currency.

But...they cannot stop me

from my rights!

They cannot stop

my children's rights!

Not with something

so very wrong.

So un-American.

For we are...

'One Nation, Under God,


with Liberty and Justice

for ALL!

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Sir Smiley's picture

*Tips Hat...I have tears in my eyes..very beautiful...you are a special person...BEST REGARDS

Unknown Poet's picture

I agree. Keep the pledge of alliegence. No other country loves their country like America.

Casey Jenkins's picture

WOW! So heartfelt. I could feel myself writing those words. I remember. :)