'Take Nothing For Granted'

At the exit of

the memorial tent,

stood a man

in uniform.

A Port Authority

police officer.

I walked up to him,

shook his hand.

He said, 'Thank you.'

I replied,

'No...Thank you!'

I told him

how this

traveling memorial

touched me deeply.

I told him how

my 16 year old son,

after 9/11,

decided to become

a firefighter

and joined our local F.D.

I told him also

how proud I am

of my son.

This was his reply

he left me with

and as I shall

now share

and leave

with you.


my hand,

he said softly,

but with

a passion

in his eyes,


for granted.

Not a single day

or moment.

Tell your son

each day

as he leaves,

that you love him.

Those people in

those Towers

were not military.

They weren't

in a war zone

or on a

military base.

They were people,

like you and me,

that had just

said 'Goodbye'

to their families

and left their homes

to go to work

that day.

They were probably


what they did

that weekend

or what plans

they had

for the day


Now they are

all gone.

They are

all dead.


for granted!

Tell your son

you love him

every day!'


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Sam Barfoot's picture

wow...that gave me chills, that's one of the best poems i have read in a looong time, very well done..you are a great writer.

Sir Joseph's picture

*Tips hat...an embracing poem about 9/11..with great reflection on the fear and reality of the 21st century...well read...moving...Best Regards

Samantha Bielanski's picture

Very nicely done, it reminded me a lot of my mom and how she goes out of her way to make sure my younger sister and I know she loves us :) That poem made me smile

Amber Nicholl's picture

Very touching. So your son really decided to become a fire fighter? That's awesome!