Doom Of Earth

The Dark Side

Empty unforgiving

dark and endless space

gravity on a shoestring

holds the earth in place.

Revolving in a circle

wind up where we started

looks too unfamiliar

from whence we had departed.

Atmosphere is thick

we are oxygen deprived

existing in this black hole

of this state we have derived.

Hurtling towards destruction

at warping light speed pace

we've no one to blame but us

for the fall of human race.

Will the Heaven's laugh at us

for such thoughtless sin?

Will they slam the Gates shut

or will they let us in?

Hell is laughing too

in evil mirth and wicked elation

taking joy in all we ruin

as we annihilate creation.

Will all that shall be left

a tiny flaming star?

Can we undo the damage

or have we gone too far?

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