Enchanted Play


Scene is set-

Winter sky bright

reflective of snow

previously released

to the accepting ground,

perfect lighting.

Act I:

Each star twinkles

as though for me alone

dancing a ballet

of luminous intensity-

grace on points of light,

truely the stars of the show.

Act II:

Moon sits jolly

grinning his quarter smile

hanging on his edge of space

he winks at me

in merriment

rocking to and fro

on his back

he hums a lunar tune.

Act III:

Stars surround moon

and they dance...

They dance the galaxy

changing partners, promenading

like a hoedown in an old barn

a square dance in circular motion-

moon tunes his fiddle and plays a rowdy

rendition of a down-home reel.

My feet tap along

my hands clasp

as would a little child's in delight,

eyes widened by spatial majesty-

a midnight show

upon celestial stage,

these players have me enchanted!

Grey curtains begin to glide across

from each side of the massive stage,

in quiet cloud cover.

I applaud their performance

in standing ovation

as they bow to me

and fade into the night.

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