36 In Years, 96 In Age


Yeah...still young at 36-

young at heart

young in dreams

young in wishes...

too bad my body

hasn't realized that-

for it has betrayed

my years

my heart

my dreams

and wishes.

Inside my 36 year old frame

lurks the bent over form of a




96 year old woman

of agony.

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Hello, I'm sorry about your agony. I was wondering - do you try healing yourself, like using energy within? I believe that no illnesses are incurable. I detest how the "specialists" say some are incurable and you'll have to live with that and all that crap.

A long time ago I had asthma. The specialist told me that asthma could only be controlled, and not cured. I didn't buy that, so I barely used the puff that he prescribed me, but instead, went on to healing myself instead, by our most natural medicine ever, our ENERGY WITHIN! I realize that asthma is nowhere near lupus. It's just to show...Don't trust the words of the "pros"! :) I reckon a lot, if not all of it has to do with the mind. You tell yourself it's incurable, and darn right, it is. You tell yourself, it's up to you, and you could just very well change it.

I know of people who have cured themselves from other "incurable" diseases like cancer. I see you're a Christian; I've heard of Christians healing themselves too. It's pretty much an old story - SELF HEALING.

Once more, I'm sorry for your pain. I wish you all the blessings in this world and the ones thereafter.