Jersey Shore Reflections

Family & Memories

Windows down, cramped little car
With all 6 of us sardines.

That knowing we're getting closer
By the big bridge up ahead!
And the smell of the air!

Salty ocean scents of Seaside Heights.

Driving around and around and around-
Parking spots are few.

FINALLY, Dad claims one.

Our excitement builds.

Walking past sweet vacation cottages.

Less sidewalks, more pebbled walks, more sand.

Almost there and sister and I get giggly.

Up the ramp leading to the boardwalk.

Oh, the view, every time takes the breath!

Blue-green rolling waves, sun pounding down, hot granules under foot.

Blankets and towels spread, run to the water, feel its coolness splash on your legs.

Buckets in hand scooping up shells, pretty stones

Made smooth by time and water.

'Jumping the waves' as they come crashing.

Laughing when they win, as we tumble into the ocean.

To taste that mouthful of salty sea.

Being buried under mounds of sand

Only head sticking out and toes wiggling through.

Sand is everywhere now. IN everything.

Rush back into the water, wash it all away.

Drying in the sun, stretched out on your favorite towel

Put a shell on your belly.

Then get that funny seashell design in your tan.

Time for flip-flops and shorts
...for the boardwalk beckons.

'Money please! Yes we will meet ya there later, Mom and Dad!'

Purses, hats and we're off.

Pick a stand, pick a number, lay down your quarter.

Wheel spins.....such anticipation....

'I won!'

Such joy and excitement...then choosing that prize.

Look there's the arcade.

Funny mirrors make us laugh.

Put in a dime, maneuver that crane over the toys...



hang on.......

swivel over the shoot..
"YES!! Its mine!"

Next up, Skeeball!

Gotta just keep rolling the wooden balls in that center hole.

Tickets spew out of the machine.

More tickets....


Long strips of tickets!!

Count em up...have to decide 'Do we have enough for what we want?'
Pick our little treasures!

Mmmmm....scents of the well-known boardwalk treats mingle in.

Hunger takes us to our next destination.

Oh the varieties, what shall we have?

Pizza? Burgers? Cheese steak? Pretzels? Foot longs? Fries?

Custard? Popcorn? Clams on the half shell??(YUK!)


The lights on the rides begin to twinkle.

We follow them to the entrance-
Funtown Pier!

Oh the spinning,


up and down,

round and round.

Laughter, glee, happiness,
Then tiredness, as hour grows late.

Check the time.

Gotta meet back at the predestined spot.

Time to go, heading home, sleep the entire ride home.

Reflections of the Jersey Shore

forever in my mind.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Memories of my childhood years...almost every summer meant time at the Jersey Shore!

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