Witness To Destruction


Smoke rises over the ridge,

I follow its direction,

leading me to the horror,

so shocked at what I see.

Acres of dry growth,

burning quickly away.

Flames flickering wildly,

with gnarled fingers reaching out

and grabbing a hold,

consuming all in its path.

Like scarlet pounding waves,

they continue their rolling,

jumping streams in their way,

nothing holds it back.

The sound becomes louder,

the fire's voice is heard.

Crackling, snapping

and moaning out loud.

Winds shift,

blowing ash in my face.

The flames push onward,

I scurry backwards to escape.

On safer ground now,

I continue my watch.

In awe of this power

and what it can do.

The aftermath

is blackened ground,

deadened nature,

left in its wake.

What beauty was there,

mere moments before,

is now reduced

to scarred ugliness.

I am a witness to destruction,

of a natural force...


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