What More Do You Want?!


What more do you want Lupus?

What else?

What next?

Isn't it enough,

that you've invaded my bones,

my eyes

my skin

my muscles

my heart

my blood

my sanity??

And still

you want more??

Now you even want my hair?

My long, long hair?

Bit by bit

your taking it!

Then just discarding it

on my pillow

in the sink

in the shower


Like you are taunting me with it!

It may sound trite to you!

And unimportant!

("It's only hair!")

But when you have taken so much already

its a big thing to me!

And yet...

I can't stop you can I?

You just destroy and take!

Take, take, take!!!!!

Will you take

till there's nothing more to take??

Till I have nothing else

to hold on to??

WHY won't you just

let me be damn it?!

Just let me be!!!!

Leave me alone!!!


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