Cowboy Poetry


Its the sex appeal,
and Texas stance.
Its the way they move,
and they way they dance.


Its the lazy drawl,
and the Wrangler fit.
The dusty hair,
and all of it.


Its the sweaty sheen,
from the long hard drive.
Its the deepened tan,
Just like the hides.


Its the little stroll,
in their walk.
Its the way they smile,
and the way they talk.


Its the muscled arms,
from roping steer.
The boots, the spurs,
and all the gear.


Its the way they sit,
upon their horse.
Its the leather and denim,
rough and coarse.


Its the way they look,
at the end of the day.
Its the life, the style,
Its the Cowboy way!!!



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I LIKED this one!!! Cowboy's are cute! *wink wink* lol

Nikki Astling's picture

This is my favorite poem that i've read thus far! It just puts the perfect image in mind of that sexy cowboy....and of my boyfriend.