Wild Child



She's headed for the "Wild Side"
looking for a thrill.
Running down that road too fast,
Just to feel the chill.


She knows that what she's doing,
is on the side of wrong.
But at this point she doesn't care,
She just needs someone strong.


She wakes up every morning,
with the feeling in her bones,
That if she doesn't at least try,
One day she'll be alone.


She wants to take her chances,
be a little bold.
She fears that if she doesn't now,
Sooner or later she'll be too old.


She knows all that lies ahead,
just around that bend.
She hopes to find some freedom there,
and maybe one true friend.


She's out there now just searching,
looking for some fun.
She'll party all the night,
then bed down with the sun.


She knows she may get hurt,
and lose her very heart.
but hell she already knew that,
from the very start.


She's out there now just cruisin'
and getting very riled.
She's not the one she was before,
this brand new Wild Child.


But if you ever see her,
make sure she's alright
Cause she never came home again,
after she rode into the night......



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I know how she feels, the girl in the story, Because I am a Wild thang and I'm also a Wild Child, So sometime introduce me,k? And can you also take a peek at me Poems?