Siren of sky,

mistress of sea,

you refuse to be taken lightly,

or spurned by lost lovers.

You seek your revenge,

in winds of your fury.

You shall drown out your pain,

with tears of torrents.

Unleashing your power,

you rape the shorelines

of the paired footprints

left by hand-held couples.

You find in them,

a mocking,

a cruelty you answer with

whirl'd tongue.


tropical lady,

you are scorned

and vengeful.

You will have your comeuppance,

however brutal,

however destructive,

upon those you find intolerable.

You feed upon the tides,

in a ravenous hunger

for power

and recognition.

You shant be ignored,

you're time has come,

and you shall take with you,

all that lie in your path.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, yes...inspired by hurricane Isabel and all her fury!

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