A Place Where No One Knows

Rhyming Poetry

My comfort zone, isolation room,

a place where no one knows

deep inside my being.

Only I know which path

leads to that portal

only I have so shiny a key

which unlocks my door.

Its in that 'zone'

that my screams are expelled

only to bounce off

the soundproof walls of my soul

engulfing my own ears in echo.

Its in that room that my tears puddle

on the bottomless floor of sorrow

while I walk barefoot in tepid pools

till my body re-absorbs

each drop of salty moisture

(lest tears be wasted)

Its in there...

only in there

that I live disease free,

healthy, whole.

For all afflictions must be checked at the door.

Its in there I have peace

I have calm...I have normalcy...I have sanity

but as all good things must come to end

I can never loiter for long

as always when I become comfortable at last

fate steps behind me

pushing me forcefully out that door

right back into stark reality

of my existance here.

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Terri Cox's picture

I dont nessaserily know what place you are refering to, but maybe thats because i am naive. But the flows very good and the feelings clearly powerful