Dear Life,


Dear Life, I want to thank you,

for all of the endless pain.

For the days instead of sunshine,

you gave me only rain.

I want you to know, Dear Life,

it hasn't been an easy ride.

You have made me be afraid,

and hide away inside.

I want you to realize,

what you have done to me.

How you've taken away the person,

that I use to be.

I want you to know the hurt,

you provided for my heart.

I want you to feel how I feel,

I want you to play my part.

Dear Life, I want to thank you,

for taking away my soul.

For filling me with emptiness,

where I once was whole.

Thank you too for giving me,

a painful, horrible affliction.

For making it your determind goal,

that my misery is your addiction.

Now that I have thanked you,

full and properly...

I ask you this Dear Life,

please just let me be.

Sincerely, Me.......

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