Cry Me A River

Soul Poetry

Oh, cry me a river,

so I can drown.

Get me lost,

so I can be found.

Build me up,

so I can be destroyed.

Aggravate me,

so I can be annoyed.

Lift me high,

so I can fall.

Give me nothing,

so I can have all.

Leave me weak,

so I can be strong.

Show me your right,

so I can be wrong.

Take me away,

so I can go far.

Move me close,

so I know where you are.

Help me to heal,

so I will know pain.

Bring me the sun,

so I can have rain.

Tell me where it ends,

so I can begin.

Oh, cry me a river,

so I can jump in.

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Candi Felker's picture

That was a good poem, yet funny. keep!