Perjury On The Pulpit

They stand on their pulpit,

to preach 'the Word'

speaking of things,

they themselves haven't 'heard.'

"Send us your money,

in hearty donations!"

as they scream out loud,

subliminal connotations.

Dressed to the nines

in Armani suits,

bejeweled in gold,

they rob the destitutes.

These false prophets

never practice what they say,

they have not a prayer

for those on which they prey.

Sitting on thrones,

of velvety red,

absorbing the power

that's gone to their heads.

Take from the poor,

to make themselves rich.

Using God for their purpose

to fool and bewitch.

Claiming to heal,

with a touch of their hand,

upon hired members

of their thieving band.

God never said,

'With money, I'll build!"

Its His word, His truth,

that shall be fulfilled!

Not those of such men,

who pillage believers.

They are not men of God,

but Satan's deceivers!

Someday they will answer,

this 'false-religion cartel'

and on that day...

they'll be preaching in Hell!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my opinion on TV evangelists who give us Christians a bad name.

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