Upon Dying Lips Of A Union Soldier



'Father, dear Father, so strong a man,
I hope I've done you proud.
But never shall I work, beside you again,
On the farm we planted and plowed'.


'Mother, sweet Mother, who gave me life,
Please for me, do not weep.
Remember me always, as the little boy,
Your loving arms rocked to sleep.'


'Brother, young Brother, I pray for you,
That before your growing is done,
You have been kept, away from these horrors,
That this war, we shall have won.'


'Sweetheart, oh Sweetheart, cry for me not,
Your letters are here by my heart.
You have remained mine, faithful till the end,
But I'm afraid it's time we part.'


'Country, poor Country so torn in half,
For you, life seeps from our veins,
Sacrificed, in the name of freedom,
My blood upon you, now stains.'


'God, my God, I've done my duty,
Have finished all my tours.
My body shall die, here upon this field,
But my spirit now, is Yours...'

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so profound!!!!!!!!

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