Seeds Of Life


Acres of fertile soil

accepting the seeds

which it will incubate

producing its offspring bounty.

Safely embedded in the earth

tiny beginnings of a crop

greedily absorb moisture

that seeps from above.

A metamorhphosis occurs

as little limb-like sprouts

reach upwards and out

finally breaking the surface.

Searching for needed sustanance

hungering for the warmth of the sun

thirsting for the contents of clouds

they continue their journey.

Stretching and gaining strength

with each raindrop they drink

each sunbeam they catch

till they have finished their growth.

Where before only barren dirt lie

now proudly stands

a multitude of creation

sturdy, well nourished and mature.

In the prime of their existance

they fearlessly await their harvester

to pluck them from the very earth

which gave them life.

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