Do Poets Dream In Verse?



Do we sleep in rhyme,
With words rehearsed?
In unconscious state,
Do poets dream, in verse?


Do we see the lines,
That always take form?
When we awake,
Are poems born?


Do we fear our nightmares?
Or are they only a guise?
For the stanzas we compose,
In our slumbering eyes?


Do we imagine scenes,
While lying prone in bed?
Ideas and stories,
That reside in our head?


Does ink flow through,
Our vessels like blood?
Do we write each day,
To contain the flood?


Do poets dream in verse?
Do our minds ever rest?
Or do we fear, that our thoughts
Will simply go, unexpressed?

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Terri Cox's picture

Ha! I love this. Nice use of rhyme and each verse is better than the last.

Stephanie Cox's picture

Wow, this poem is brilliant. Hi, I'm Terri's triplet sister. You're poetry is amazing, and I love this poem. I write a new poem everyday and usually think up of a whole new one before I go to sleep. Well done, fantastic effort.

Ernest Bevans's picture

in fact I do sometimes
dream in verse. Love the poem.
Love the poem. Keep writing.