Emotional Emotions

Is that all there is then?

its over just like that?

The friendship, the sharing, the love,

and this is where we're at?

Have you even tried,

to see things from my view?

I know I wasn't perfect,

but believe me, neither were you.

Its give and take to make it work

and we were all one sided.

I gave, you took some more,

in this you seemed delighted.

Well one was happy,

in this relationship at least.

I prepared the banquets,

while you consumed the feasts.

But you took away a part of me,

I never can replace..

my trust, my love, my soul..

you even took my faith.

I am now an empty shell,

full of want and need.

For when you stabbed me in the back,

you left me there to bleed.

But alas...this is my poem,

I can end it how I choose

you no longer torture me,

see, your the one that was used!!!

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