Over-Crowded Heart

If no one tells me nothing,

it'll be easier to survive.

If I no longer give my shoulder,

to all of those who cry.

I feel that I am used,

and stepped on just a bit.

Cause when its me that needs to talk,

I'm left alone with it.

So I shall just shut down,

no longer will I care.

I won't be the one they call,

when their souls they need to bare.

Maybe again in time,

hell, could even be today.

I will be there listening,

to what they have to say.

See, its not that I really mind,

I love to be a friend.

But it just seems the pattern,

that I am hurt in the end.

And no, I would be wrong,

if I said it was everyone.

There are some who are true,

and to them I can run.

But I hate to burden others,

its usually the other way.

They call on me, they talk,

I listen to what they say.

It just seems that lately,

so much has come apart.

I'm running out of storage room,

in my over-crowded heart.

But I know, deep down,

in that heart inside me.

If someone were to need me now,

there for them, is where I'd be.

Its just not my nature,

to turn someone away.

I always want to help them,

and make sure they're OK.

But remember me sometimes,

if I'm hurting, you can try.

To give me space in your heart,

and remember I too....cry.

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