Jingles, The Shy Little Elf




Santa's workshop was pretty crowded, the elves were all bustling about.
When amidst all the toy-making chaos, there came a boisterous shout.
"Jingles! Where are you hiding?" The Master Elf, Charlie, questioningly said.
"It seems we have a problem here. You've painted everything red!"

Jingles moved quite cautiously, from out of his hiding place.
His eyes were cast downward, and he wore such a solemn face.
"Jingles," Charlie said on a sigh, "The boats are supposed to be blue.
The horses, brown and scooters, green. What on earth did you do?"

Looking up at him slowly, Jingles stammered as he spoke.
"I..I...only d-did what the others t-told me. B...but, it must have been a joke."
The other elves were snickering, till Charlie looked their way.
To them he shouted, "There will be no cookies tonight, and no free time to play!"

To Jingles he spoke, "I'm sorry, Jingles, that I blamed you for their prank."
"They like to tease the younger elves, who fall under them in rank."

Jingles sighed as he shook his head, "I'm afraid I'll never fit in."
"Everyone likes to pick on me and their games I'll never win."

Charlie took him by the arm, "Now Jingles, you just come with me."
"I've never shown this to anyone, but there's something I want you to see."

He led Jingles down a hall, into the Elf Master's quarters.
There he showed him a big box of toys, full of mixed-up orders.

"When I was just a little elf, he said, "so much like you, in many ways,
the other elves played their pranks on me, almost every single day."
"I keep these mixed-up toys I made, as a reminder to myself.
That even the shy, littlest ones, can someday be, a Master Elf."

Jingles looked quite surprised, "I would never have thought that of you!"
"But if you became a Master Elf, then I know that I can too!"

Charlie's eyes twinkled, "Say! I have an idea! Santa's looking for a new recruit,
to work beside him, there in his shop, and I think that you will suit!"

"I'll get to work with Santa?!" Jingles asked, with excitement in his voice.
Charlie laughed, nodding his head, "Yes, for I think you're the perfect choice."
They went along to Santa's shop. "Now Jingles, don't you be shy." Charlie told him, patting him on the head.
And with a laugh and a wink he added, "Just please, don't paint everything red!"

One day, 30 years had passed, Jingles went into the workshop, like many times before.
He always felt that elf-child-like joy, every time he opened that door.
He busied himself, going right to work, as all the worker elves were poised.
No one lifted a hammer, swished a brush...no one made a nervous noise.

Jingles tried to be stern and serious, as he held back a little grin.
He remembered what it felt like, when he thought he didn't fit in.
He picked up trucks, sleds and dolls, examined every toy on the shelf.
"A wonderful job, Elves!" he proclaimed. Grinning the elves chorused, "Why thank-You, Master Elf!"


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