There's Something Vague About The Moon Tonight


Dusky shadows clutter

gray patches of clouds shifting their shapes

that barely touch the sky, soft illumination

dispeling the darkness.

There's something about that moon tonight...

...drawing my gaze upon it

studying it closely as though

attempting to decipher a mystery unclear.

Hazy halos of aura light skim the surface dimly

so obscure this evening

almost out of focus, almost cryptic

seemingly withholding a secret.

Such a far away enigma...

if only I could touch the moonscape

to determine what's concealed,

to uncover what it holds securely veiled

beneath an overcoat of elliptical orbit.

Oh, it hides something...

yet it draws me as though urging me to expose

what's masked. A lunar challenge? Maybe...

but I remain perplexed at this puzzlement

which fills my senses

as the ardent orb reflects in my eyes.

Just can't put my finger on it

as I stand mooning my time away foolishly.

With a sigh that's caught on a moonbeam

there's only one thing I am sure of...

...there's something vague about the moon tonight.

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David Richardson's picture

This poem is written with so much love and adoration of nature. The beauty of nature is so so so awesome to experience-the moon is a very beautiful and mysterious sphere that entraces so many at night. The beauty expressed in this masterpiece is so touching-the symbolism is so vivid.Thank you for sharing this expression of love with me and have a very beautiful and safe week.

Dave Richardson

Rebecca Moore's picture

Wow. I really don't know what it is about this poem, but I like it a lot...Good job!! Keep writing...