A Mother's Day


Awakening bright and early,

to the sounds of a quiet home.

She knows that it won't last,

as out of bed her children roam.

Ready them for school,

fixing hair and snacks.

Making sure they are prepared,

everything in their backpacks.

Hustling them off one by one,

to see they don't miss the bus.

Relaxing only a moment

from all the morning fuss.

There's laundry to be washed,

dishes to be done.

So many chores that need doing,

and she's only just begun.

Afterschool, the kids come back

and proceed to make a mess.

A mother's day is full of work,

chaos, distractions and stress.

So she'll clean some more,

picking up all the toys.

Then cook the family's dinner,

amidst the ruckus and noise.

She'll help them with their homework

and tuck them into bed.

Smiling through her tasks

and the pounding in her head.

But when all is said and done,

she'd have it no other way.

So she turns in wearily for the night,

for tomorrows another mother's day.

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