Emotional Impeaching


Double edged, sharpened,

And plunging down deep,

Cut hard to my core,

Till tears from me, seep.


A victim now, still,

Of the emotional beating.

The main reason I left,

In my survival-retreating.


It follows, like shadows-

And won't let me be.

I can't even understand,

This total hating, of me.


Lies, like winter molasses,

In old wounds, are now poured,

Spreading and smothering,

By such a vindictive sword.


I just wanted to be happy,

Be free and content.

With no more depression-

But they just won't relent.


'Twould it be easier for some,

If instead, I'd just died?

Maybe then, at least,

They may have honestly cried.


But instead, this cruelty,

Continues the abusing.

The visceral beat down-

This heart and soul bruising.


So farther now, I need step,

Out of such harm's reaching.

For I refuse to be convicted, in this,

Untruthful, emotional impeaching.









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