I Never Knew

This Love


So many things, are now so new to me-

New...at forty and eight years lived...

...and only just now, finally, experienced.


I never knew a love, such as this.

That a man, could be this tender, this kind,

This caring, this gentle and passionate.


I never knew such simple things,

Taken for granted, only because I never knew-

That even watching a man shave, I find sexy.


That conserving water-together-

Is a beautiful and wonderful manner,

To begin an early morning, of any given day.


That sweet neck nibbles and soft nuzzles,

Spur of the moment hugs and kisses,

Can be pure and total blissfulness.


I never knew, that doing mundane tasks-

Preparing and cooking our meals, doing our dishes,

As a well-working team, could bring such contentment.


I never knew, that this second-time-around love,

Could make me happier, more loved and more in love,

Than I ever thought possible....or even worthy of.


I never knew...what I never knew...

That is, until this, until him, until us.

And now, I'll never not know it, ever again.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my love...Gary, with all my heart. I love you so much for breathing this life back into my very soul!! <3

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i enjoyed the sentiment and

i enjoyed the sentiment and the awakening of a new dawn

ron parrish

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Thank you very much, Ron. I

Thank you very much, Ron. I appreciate it.


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you are welcome

ron parrish