For Broken Hearts...


Lord, I pray for broken hearts,
Those hurting, oh, so much,
That You would bless and comfort them,
With Your gentle, healing touch.

Be their strength through trying times,
Be their steadfast, guiding light.
Carry them, through their dreary days,
And all through their darkest nights.

Show them all Your endless love,
And let them know Your amazing Grace.
Guide them toward, feeling hope again,
Let them feel, Your mighty embrace.

Father, You know the needs and names-
For its all in only Your, great authority.
I pray God, that only, Your Will, be done,
To YOU, I give complete and all Glory!


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bishu's picture

Nice prayer for all... Liked

How can you be so unkind ... Oh God the reason I try to find



Mi-a-mi-car-el's picture

make it so

Gods' will be done

From Car-el

KindredSpirit's picture

I Love it too


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and a beautifulprayer it is..

and a beautifulprayer it is..

ron parrish